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We had the awesome experience of purchasing a home through Vesta Properties in the summer of 2013.  We were able to agree on a purchase price mid way through the renovation of the home which allowed us to be able to have a say in some of the finishes.  We worked with Tate and Brady on selections and  in many cases we went with their initial choices as they were to our taste.  We were pleased with our experience and believed the work of their team was high quality.  Tate and Brady were very focused on us having a house that we would love for years to come.  
As an example of the relationship we had, after we closed on the home we discovered the existing dishwasher was working but the not that great.  It made a noise and the dishes weren’t being cleaned. I reached out to Tate about this and he offered to replace the dishwasher and made recommendations about brands and decibels.    Tate helped us get the order made through one of his contacts and had it installed right away.  It was a great feeling to know that even after we signed on the dotted line they were willing to “right a wrong” so to say.  
I would highly recommend purchasing a home through Vesta properties.  Fantastic business savvy men with a great business model that benefits everyone!  We have been in our home now for three months and continue to be very pleased our house and all the updates.
On a side note, we recently toured two neighbors homes who had recently built brand new in the same neighborhood, on the same street.  Our updates are far superior to theirs and our price point was less.  It’s amazing the difference in the quality of our home to theirs.   We believe we got a fantastic deal, with many upgrades we would not have been able to afford had we built new.
Thank you!
Jennie and Daniel - buyers of Nina Street


My wife and I purchased a home in Benson/Country Club area in late 2011. After living in the home for nearly a year now, we cannot express how much we love the home. The house, purchased from Tate Meier with Vesta Properties LLC went under extensive interior re-construction and the quality of work was outstanding. Every time we have a visitor they comment how awesome the house it. Tate and his crew did a great job maintaining the character of the home while updating it with modern conveniences. Tate was excellent to work with throughout the home buying process, even after the home was purchased he was easily available when we had a couple questions. We would highly recommend Tate and his crew to anyone looking to move into a new home.


Andrew and Kaitlin - buyers of 51st

I purchased a home from Tate this past spring. I was a first time home buyer looking for a house with very few projects. Thanks to Tate's attention to detail and attractive choices in finishings, that's exactly what I got. I have enjoyed the house and especially love the compliments I get on my custom painted cabinets and unique tile work. Also, Tate made the buying process very simple. He was honest and easy to work with from the start. Thank you, Tate, for turning this once run-down house into my beautiful, well loved home!


Laura - buyer of Douglas II

Hi Tate--Thanks so much for the complement, I've worked hard to keep the inside of my house looking as good as when you left it to me and worked a lot on the outside to get it looking better and yes, like someone lives there and loves it.  I really have no complaints with the work that was done anywhere in the house or what your team did.  I really love everything.  The only thing I would say is make sure all the little things are done to the house that would normally be done even if you have a buyer before the house is done.  I did have to vacuum everywhere several times before I could move anything in because it was not vacuumed after the carpet was laid and there were tons of little pieces everywhere (but honestly I would rather have that than old carpet or have to have the carpets cleaned).  I feel like there was another something little like that but I don't remember what it was so it must not have been that big of a deal.  Hope everything is going well for you and really, I love the house!  Thanks and take care,



Hi Amy,


So I saw first hand what you mean with the carpet. On a recent project we vacuumed 4 times – sent one vacuum cleaner to the shop because it couldn’t handle the load – and there are still carpet pieces loose – lots of loose pieces. Sorry you had to deal with that.


Also, would you mind if I put your response to my question on our new website, vestastreet.com? I am trying to show testimonials and although it’s not a testimonial, it’s truly your opinion and I think people will appreciate that. Let me know.


Hi Tate,


You can use any of my comments you would like or if you want I will answer any other questions you may want answered.  Honestly, the carpet thing was not a big deal, much better than having old carpet.  I would be happy to help any way I can. 


I want to tell you that I had some people over 2 weeks ago, most of who hadn't been to my house yet and they kept complimenting my home and saying how nice it was and how they like everything.  I had to tell them that the guys that re-did it were really great and did a really great job on everything.  Just wanted you to know that I love it and so do others!  Let me know if there is anything I can help you with.  


Amy - Buyer of Jessie

I was a first time home buyer when I decided to talk to Tate Meier about buying a home. He made himself available for any and all questions, met with me promptly for each step of the process, kept everything very simple and helped keep all parties involved on a firm timeline to insure I had everything done in time for our deadline. From start to finish Tate helped keep everyone efficient. After hearing many of my friends and family explain how lengthy and stressful this all could be, it was surprisingly easy. I have shared my home buying experiences with Vesta and Tate Meier with many and it seems that unfortunately this is not the norm for others.


I really have had a ton of people amazed at how nice of a home I bought. Most of them have been shocked once they walk into my home. So many have seen many similar homes to a point that they had an expectation of what they would see once inside. With all the upgrades made along with the attention to detail with the cabinets, stainless steel appliances and thick new carpets it usually blows them away.

Bret - buyer of Sprague

Tate assisted us recently in selling our home and purchasing a new house. He was honest, up front and always accessible whenever we needed him. He was knowledgeable with the overall quality and structure of a home. He took time to take us around and look at houses we were interested in, as well as giving us his opinion when we asked. Tate assisted us in negotiating the best deal we could on both sides of the sale and was a true asset to have in our corner.


Pat - November 2011

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